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  2. Hello.i see in the past u have built STANDEN gear. Did u find a halfords colour match, just thought I'd ask before I start researching and colour matching. Thank you.  Brian 

    1. sipher172


      Unfortunately there are no Halfords in Hong Kong.  I used Tamiya paint, best colour match I found was TS-23.  There were not that many options in that colour blue that had a spray paint and touch up paint.  

    2. B O R

      B O R

      Super. Thank you.  Brian 

  3. Evening , if that last mower / taarup hasn’t been taken , I will taker it , let me know,

    thanks Andrew

    1. B O R

      B O R

      OK man. I can put your name on it with payment of £400, regards Brian

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  10. Hi Folks. Joining here for the 1st time :)

    Screenshot 2020-01-19 at 23.21.09.png

  11. Take a llok on Facebook, farmscale32 can delivered the Joskin Volumetra with Pendislide

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    • I know, I kinda give up on these , i have gone onto tonka toys , feel like with them my child can play with them too, rather then having toys that no one can use...this one is way too fragile,better give it to someone who can appreciate it better ...may still keep it if no interest , won’t hurt ha ha!
    • I thought that was your dream tractor?
    • For sale 65 pound plus shipping, new never came out of the box  
    • Very true Phil, I've had two of them now and just not happy with them, you would think I would have learned.  I cannot find a photo of a real T4 which doesnt have the mud guard extensions like the Wiking model.  Even Britains managed to get those right.  I think the N type is better.   There is a Kuhn Espro 6m drill coming and saw a photo of what looked like a 32 scale Bednar drill on facebook, sure they will be popular.  I want to get a Horsch 4m drill, would be ideal for my current plan, for the Valtra T3.  The 8m Horsch was too big, so has gone to a new home.
    • The UH Valtras are much more accurate than the Wiking ones Joe, in my view they are a poor effort.  And judging by all the local Valtras, Wiking didnt make them in the most popular colours either which quite obviously are metallic grey and black!!  UH did produce the old ones in several colours. Lets hope they get the contract back and follow up the excellent G and S series models with several colour variant T models ASAP. The amazone is very nice but as you say what is needed is a 4metre combi drill and not more 3ms.  Also a 6m Cultivator drill would be good and it does look liketheres a Kuhn and Bednar models coming soon
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