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  2. Hi Folks. Joining here for the 1st time :)

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  4. Take a llok on Facebook, farmscale32 can delivered the Joskin Volumetra with Pendislide

  5. I'm currently away until the 23rd September to look at things in the distance for a change :D hope to catch up with everyone again in two weeks. Ian

  6. Hi Paul, 


    I expect you have seen this, 


    Did you go to Shepton Mallet Tractor show this year? I went on the Sunday, there seemed to be less there this year, especially people selling spares. Some interesting tractors I'd not seen before though.



    1. Valley Axe Man

      Valley Axe Man

      Howdo Paul 

      Thanks for that, yes i seen it and have 3 of them so far.... many colour variotions of them,  blue/yellow, blue/grey, blue/red, red/grey and red/yellow  My 3 are pictured below

      we were there on the sunday, both me and John (jmd)  both said there seemed less at the show than previous years  but like you say some different ones there. As for the traders yes that was a bit poor too. We also had a good look through the toyfair, John got a couple of Brian Norman conversions off Brian Norman, think one was a silver jubilee the other a 7610.  Wont be long til Malvern 



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