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  2. Hi mate

    Whats your best price delivered on

    The 4 ftf models

    UH 390,398,675,690


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    2. AndyB


      Hi Barry, yeh that would be less than I paid for them, not so worried about the Massey's but the FTF ones are worth more than I paid for them - I have one other one on Ebay atm with a bid on.  We can have a deal at £280, which is what they cost me plus a couple of £, if a can drop them to you at Spalding for cash if you could.  Cheers, Andy

    3. Udimore


      Yep deal £280 it is 

      Cash at Spalding

    4. AndyB


      Do well Barry.  Fine with me, I will approach you with a box at Spalding, just don't put them straight on sale ha ha!!  See you at the show, Andy

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