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As those who were at the Penrith show will have seen Ive recently started a new diorama. My main aim is to achieve a model railway standard of realism over an entire diorama. The plan is a hill farm of largely and some pedigree beef cattle. I currently have ideas that will easily spread out over a 12x4ft area. For now though I have focused on a handling yard, unhappy with the last two attempts I've made at them. 

I will try to explain the process in making most of the bits and pieces, as I was rushing to finish this part for the show I didn't take step by step photos of each process but those that I've missed will be repeated in other areas of the farm and guides made then.

For now here is the handling yard, right in the swing of summer as shearing takes place.
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I've been asked to build a Ford 6600 with Schindler front axle, one of many four wheel drive axles utilised by ford before the ZF came along. This is a rare and unique conversion distinguished by it's plain wheel centres and 'nose up' attitude due to the bulky differential being directly below the tombstone.
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After finding out about the Emmanuel S kit, this was a build that I've been wanting to undertake for a while, but with my own personal touch. i also decided to share some pictures of the build, rather than just the finished model. I'm planning on fitting it with artisan rims and tires all round, with a detachable pick up reel header. I also hope to fit the reel with a full set of pickup tines and auger fingers during the build. Currently I don't know if I'm going to install the counter weights on the back of the harvester and i would like to hear your suggestions on this. Heres some pictures of the build so far. hopefully i will have this in the cabinet beside my MAP john deere 5830


Rear bonnet test fit after making plastistruct cross members and grill brace

Rear axle mocked up to make and test fit the brass tie rod 

Side panel Fitment mockup with floorpan

Cab,blower and feed roller mockup

Header, grab rails and cab interior set into place

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In the weekend the Danish MOELTRAKTORKLUBBEN had the first show in 2018,  i showed up with a handful of my models for first time since my blood clot in 2016
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So I’ve been flat out with orders this week. Today I gave some time to this 1 of 2 henton trailers I’m building for a chap. Some brass in there really weighted it up. And made great braces everything feels very solid. But in fairness not that much stronger than styrene and weld ! I Got the rear door fully working just need to connect it up to the chassis which does have a working ram I just took it out as I will be applying some paint tonight hopefully. Excuse the letters and scetches on the styrene it’s just for reference as it’s the first one I’ve built. I’m hoping to make a near exact copy for the next one. 
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Just finished custom building the giodi NH 8070 ready for France. 
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This is my first attempt at a conversion/update/rebuild so just taking it one step at a time and trying to make it look like a few photo's I found online  

Would be pleased to have input from people more knowledgeable than me on possible further upgrade I could try to carry out
It is still a work in progress  

So far I have changed the wheel for Siku items (front hub detail inserts still to be re-fitted).

Modified a Siku steering axle to give the correct track and more realistic steering

Started work on changing header to a top pivot and next up is to make some rams to fit onto the removed lower pivot brackets, and to make the header removable.

still need to repair/replace the exhaust and make a new front grill and headlight arrangement, and may fill the cracks in the body. Will also try to make an attempt at a grain bin fitment, and to fit some cab glazing. If I can find MF red paint and new decals will give it a spray up
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Another build that I started a few years ago and then came to a standstill, so I thought in between doing the other two tractors I would crack on with this as well ( I do get bored easily and like a change). Anyway, progress so far, wheels are just popped underneath to give an idea of proportions :
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Advanced Products,  USA made this 1/12th Scale late 1940s
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Another one that does not come up very often . 

Were made , along with other Timpo plastic items in Shotts , Scotland . 

They did a  tractor , with name SUPER 5000 . Came with a cattle trailer , similar to Corgi one , also a tipping trailer , & was available in a set .

All plastic , with wire rod for steering mechanism . 

Made in the red / blue scheme , as my version , & also a reverse of this , blue parts red & red parts blue . 

A rare item , complete versions & boxed versions making good money . 

Mine is missing Right Hand Mudguard , & also exhaust & air intake . 
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Another one from my past, thought I'd make a start on a Case 1394, a tractor that I spent many many hours driving as a young lad. This one will probably be magpie, but I haven't ruled out it sporting the red and black Case IH livery yet Anyway, engine and bonnet underway:
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Some cattle conversations, Belgium/British Blues, Highland Cattle, Longhorn Bull, Limousin Bull, Blone Bull,British White Bull, White Park Cow
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Thought I'd share some of these with you all, I was brought up on Lego Technic since the age of 5 and built up a huge collection over the years. Most of it has gone on ebay now but I still have all the 1970s sets boxed and stowed away, mainly because Lego is like crack cocaine to me I delved back into the hobby about 13 years ago and became an AFOL (adult fan of lego) and thanks to ebay I relapsed and had again amassed a ridiculously huge collection. Here are some of the many creations I built before going into Lego rehab.

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This was going to happen at some point 


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Work in progress, control levers fitted and frame made to fit the Massey 2620...
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For some reason, these are some of my favourite (older) models. Quite crude in places but have an attractiveness about them!  
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Another tractor maker from Italy. 
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As I had a spare bonnet from a 1056, and as the 475 is almost finished I thought I would move forward a few decades to a Case IH 685 with the L cab, which is basically the same frame as used on the 74 series. Anyway, progress so far, engine ( international this time!)/ gearbox made, mudguards added, cab front made and bonnet depth cut down and side panels shortened.
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How about a dedicated topic on Yaxon Farm Toys. A few to start it off! 
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Starting to work my way through some of our gear here, so thought I'd copy our little feed trailer as it makes a good match for the 475. It's a weeks but made for MF and sold in their colours (although ours is blue, but I intend to respray it in Massey livery) Anyway, progress so far:
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building a volvo 621 
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Iimber ford 6640 I've put on turf tyres
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Just custom built this 1940’s Caterpillar D7 in 32scale for a customer last month using a Schuco T100 cabbed Russian Crawler.
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Finally got around to making a start on an International 475, which will be based on a tractor that we still have here. The 475 was the only nash to be fitted with a Perkins engine, basically the same engine that was used in the Massey 165. Anyway, here's the progress so far, everything is still a little rough and needs some sanding and filing, but it's starting to take shape
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This is a current build I've been wanting to build for a long time. It's a Roadless 75 with a Mk4 Hydrocut hedge cutter. This outfit features in an old Hydrocut brochure from the early 70s and I've always thought this combination looked pretty impressive. Not many Hydrocuts were mated to a 4wd tractor because of front wheel clearance issues, but this one has it's hydraulic oil tank modified by means of having it angled at the bottom edge to allow for this. It is also unique as it sports the old flail head. Only two pics to work from in the brochure!

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