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  1. Hello MadMark,

    I am interested in buying the TW15. How much is it including postage to Holland and how is the payment arranged? 

    Another question: where do you get the decals from? I am working on a 7710 II at the moment and I am still looking for decals.

    Kind regards,


    New Hollander

    J.H. Bosma

  2. Hi Mark,


    I'm interested in the Replicagri Renault, let me know if it's still available.




  3. Mark,where on the forum is the work you done to make the fastrac 4220 front links work,i cant find it,cheers Paul

    1. Paul Palmer

      Paul Palmer

      thanks Mark,just done mine,cut off the original lower arms and replaced them with new arms,i kept the top link,thanks for replying Mark

      cheers Paul

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