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  1. Hi Brian

    thankyou so much for the jd 8r brochure,how much do i owe you?

    regards Paul

    1. mr softie

      mr softie

      evening Paul glad it got too you was in the model room on Saturday night and saw it sitting on the shelf had totally forgot about it , don't worry there is no bill for it as I got it free , now I'm on a lookout in my local  dealers for the forager brochure as that's one that I missed totally and will keep looking at other dealers when I'm in over the winter 



  2. Hi Jamie,Paul here,with all the massey convo's you do would you have a pair of mirrors off a uh mf 3080

    regards Paul

  3. Hi Peter

    could you tell me wht this measurement is please

    cheers Paul

    front linkage.JPG

  4. Hi Baz

    is this still available?,how much with the postage and do you accept paypal?

    cheers Paul


    1. Barry


      Hi Paul, 

      Yes, still available.

      £25.00 + £3.50 P&P = £28.50 

      Paypal is good (please send as a gift so I don't get charged!!) Send to bwr11@hotmail.com

      I'll need your Full name, Address, mobile phone number and email address.

      Barry :)

  5. Mark,where on the forum is the work you done to make the fastrac 4220 front links work,i cant find it,cheers Paul

    1. Paul Palmer

      Paul Palmer

      thanks Mark,just done mine,cut off the original lower arms and replaced them with new arms,i kept the top link,thanks for replying Mark

      cheers Paul

  6. udimore,Paul here,im trying to buy one of the mf 590;s you have for sale on ebay,but im blocked from buying from you,any idea why?

    cheers Paul

  7. News look the MF 590 topic  

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