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  1. Is it possible to put my name on one of these IH5288's ? Let me know thanks Andrew

    1. mf135


      Hi Andrew, yes I will make you one of the new IH's will be in touch when finished. Kind regards Martyn.

    2. griff 1056956

      griff 1056956

      Thanks very much for that Martyn ,much appreciated . They look awesome!!

      Just in case , my mobile number is 07971998906 - landline 01789-721132.

      thanks Andrew

    3. griff 1056956

      griff 1056956

      morning Martyn , seasons greetings  . See you're making some more 5288's , just an update , do you have a time scale on the one I put my name on ? enjoy a break over festive period . Thanks Andrew

  2. Hi Marty how you doing must catch up with you those Ertl's look nice speak soon Goody.

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