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  1. 5 hours ago, catkom3 said:

    I think there may be a chance of some custom painted RHD conversions in the future Sean,The guy on Facebook who does custom jobs on the MarGe kits now knows the Dutch guy who 3D print's the RHD dash's,Time will tell.



    not seen the guy on facebook but to be honest i am not sure i would want a convo,unless it was my own , which i may yet do, , i just think they would sell really well as a limited run in rhd, standard colours ect , its only really the dash, wiper arms direction where they are fitted and the front blind spot mirror that needs swapping, doubt it would ever happen mind,but you can hope 

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  2. If doing these fund tractors later on then fine , otherwise i wont be buying them as no real interest in trucks as such , maybe some older ones but not new. Only way i may consider these newer ones  was if they did a limited run of right hand drive ones, say 1000 ,  even then i wouldn't be 100%  a buyer would need to see it 

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  3. Siku used to just send the bits out, i got a new motor for a a scrap  jd 69 of them for free, i just emailed them , they replied saying sorry and asking for my address  etc and it arrived about 2 weeks later, no mention of payment or anything 

  4. bit to big and modern for me, i guess class approached marge to do these? given the reputation of quality models, but once this is done i hope they go back to their early stuff again, the classics that made them ,the 10 series fords, maybe do some mf 100 series, some  some smaller fords the 3 cylinders stuff ,   hit the stuff no one else seems to want to do, even back into implements, which everyone seems to neglect, as i said before,stuff like this keeps them afloat, but it also makes them main stream ,and not what we want after the fords 

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  5. 18 hours ago, Luke190 said:

    Just checked and they don't appear to but thanks for the suggestion

    He did have , most were in case boxes as well , was all over facebook over the last few days 

  6. 7 hours ago, justy 46 said:

    Beauty of a rig..but are Marge running from.the agri scene ??  There has been little tractors with quiet a while !!

    i doubt it, they are just a bit to small to do everything at the same time, and i would rather see them do runs like this ,which sell giving cash to put into more agri stuff,  with a model as detailed as their’s is , a lot companies will pay to have runs like that made for advertising and a likes .rather see it go in batches like this that down the pan because they over stretched themselves 

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  7. As sipher mentioned barry , they do look very much the same size as the britains simba ones, i may have a roll of them in the shed i can check the size on, could be cheaper if dave twose does do them 

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