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  1. Hi Neil,  Yes they are available, you are first to enquire so you have first refusal.

    Let me know if you would like them.

    1. fendtenator


      Yes i would like them thanks, iv never paid with paypal outside of ebay though is it easy enough?


  2. Hi Pete,  

    Do you always source and supply the model that you are painting for a customer?  Or do any of your customers send you the model that they want a respray done on?



    1. convo


      Hi Phil any of the above , send the model but then you have to pay 2x postage or I can get most models at cost price and just charge for the work and then there is only postage one way or collect from a show , it generally works out better me getting the model . 

      Cheers peter

    2. bluegreen


      Thanks Pete,

      Im considering getting one of my Britains models resprayed to make them look less plasticy .

      Putting the postage costs to one side for a moment ,what is the likely cost of the paint job to a britains model?

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