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Wiking Releases 2020

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Most people I d think are looking forward to the 8000 series lexion, myself I m looking forward to and hoping the fastrac will be a nice model. 

New JCB 8330 due in June,?? pic's from 32Modelsnews. Regards Joe.

Definitely a model Joe,Or that's a big display case, Photo from Farmworld on Facebook. Regards Joe. 

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It's a very nice looking model, they've done a good job of it.  I wonder when the Manitou is due, things have gone rather quiet on that front 

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bloody new mag, sharing posts from years back, whats the point, didn't see the date on it :( sharing posts from another site thats 6 hours old, time to unfollow it, dam things filling my facebook page and none of its new .

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19 minutes ago, Tractorman810 said:

i still dont know about that one yet ,the plain one , something just doesnt look right about it, cab looks to small maybe?? wheels to big? i really cant put my figure on it .

The steps up to the cab look a little odd.  Like they are too long and the cab looks a little short on height.  The Schuco  model certainly looks better proportioned than it. 


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