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  2. Hi Brian

    thankyou so much for the jd 8r brochure,how much do i owe you?

    regards Paul

    1. mr softie

      mr softie

      evening Paul glad it got too you was in the model room on Saturday night and saw it sitting on the shelf had totally forgot about it , don't worry there is no bill for it as I got it free , now I'm on a lookout in my local  dealers for the forager brochure as that's one that I missed totally and will keep looking at other dealers when I'm in over the winter 



  3. At the mid Somerset show today :)


    • FOR SALE
    • New and Boxed

    Zetor Crystal 12011 2WD - Red / Gold - Brand New

    50.00 GBP

  5. you seen this one before mike?? french guy on facebook


    1. robbo


      Isn't that the one that was on the Facebook page or at one of the shows? I think we had a discussion about it a couple of months ago.

      Either way, if I see it in the flesh I will be making an offer to buy it >:D

  6. Hi Jamie,Paul here,with all the massey convo's you do would you have a pair of mirrors off a uh mf 3080

    regards Paul

  7. IAE brass pig weigher with working gates! :)

    pig weigher.jpg

  8. my designed and built brass IAE cattle crush with working gates and yoke! 100% brass :) nice detail! 

    iae.1 crush.jpg

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