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  4. Hi Brian

    thankyou so much for the jd 8r brochure,how much do i owe you?

    regards Paul

    1. mr softie

      mr softie

      evening Paul glad it got too you was in the model room on Saturday night and saw it sitting on the shelf had totally forgot about it , don't worry there is no bill for it as I got it free , now I'm on a lookout in my local  dealers for the forager brochure as that's one that I missed totally and will keep looking at other dealers when I'm in over the winter 



  5. At the mid Somerset show today :)

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    • as title says, dosent matter if play worn but must be complete 
    • hi all , has anyone got a red 3point  part for the britains folding cuvtivator please ?? just dropped one of mine and bust it , after the bit in the yellow ring if anyones got one in their spares box
    • ok,here is the list uh celtis 446 standard box uh nectis 237 standard box uh ares 577 and loader,claas box uh ares 657,dealer box uh ares 836,no box uh xerion 3800,no box wiking dirty axion 850 ldt edt uh 430 and loader standard box schuco axos 320,standard box usk atos 350 claas dealer box wiking  arion 450 with removable loader,  SOLD uh arion 530 and loader standard box uh arion 640 standard box uh quantum 6800s standard box uh volto 1320T weise xerion 4000 VC, SOLD PM me with your offers all postage is £3.90 royal mail PER EACH ITEM, second class signed for
    • Just had a trawl around the internet, also available to pre-order here http://fmb-shop.de/index.php?lang=1&cl=search&searchparam=Marge Cost of the Volvo FH is either 89.50 or 94.50 euros, shipping charge 13.50 euros as per the website. They also have the Nooteboom Lowloader trailer for pre-order at 85 euros plus 13.50 euro shipping. P
    • As they are based in the UK, Thetford Norfolk, shipping shouldn't be as much as 30 euro! If I recall the cost of them shipping for a £200 special edition 1/50 scale IMC artic with lowloader trailer to me was £7-50 and that was Royal Mail Special Delivery because of the value. Shipping shouldn't be anymore than that, probably less. I'm wondering what the european dealers and eBay sellers will charge for shipping to the UK? P