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Been meaning to try this one for a while and finally got chance last night, Britain's 4220 fitted with a UH Stoll loader. The loader is damaged at the headstock, so this will be removed and replaced with a scratch-built one that can take different attachments. Progress so far...
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MF 590 with JF side mounted harvester
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Just recently finished this Ford 7700 for a customer, converted from a Britains TW-10, it has rebuilt rear linkage, scratch built front weights bracket, front axle from a Britains 7600, front wheels from a UH Massey 2620 and the skid unit and bonnet has been cut and shut to shorten the overall length. Customer spec air filter stack and wing mirrors.
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North Down Farm and Construction Model Show
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The Rheged Centre, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11oDQ
Details of Traders & Exhibitors attending the show


1/32 Farming Models https://www.facebook.com/132-farming-models-193949394062432/
Michael Sanderson https://northwestfarmmodels.co.uk/
Cenfyn Davies
William Anderson https://www.facebook.com/anderson.models.90
Stephen Frater https://www.facebook.com/sdfraterfarmmoodels/
Colin Wilkinson
John Dewhurst
Andy Ebbage http://www.igp-ltd.com/
Barry Stunt https://udimoretractorshop.com/
Paul Manning http://plmodels.co.uk/
Paul Capon PDC Farm Models
Alastair Bell https://www.facebook.com/JakeMuddyfarmModels/
Raymond Holmes https://www.facebook.com/raymond.holmes.503
Stuart Campbell
Daniel Mitchell http://www.threeoaksfarmmodels.co.uk/
S Huck http://www.rjnclassictractors.co.uk/?Welcome
David Waugh
Tony Cain



Damian & Hazel Hampson
Paul & Lynn Whitehead
Andrew Thompson
Alfie Thompson
Paul Armstrong
Roy Leetham
James Teper
Graham Carr
Gordon Sharp
Martin Williams
Carol Baker
Andrew Anderson
Donald Creaton
Alex Finch
Alan Tallantyre
John Dewhurst
Matthew Dewhurst
Matthew Dixon
Mark Sisson, Charlie Macdonald
Sam Sam James Wadsworth, Ben Danforth, Jamie Savill
Jack Carvey
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My biggest project this summer was this Renault Tridem livestock truck. Due to the lack of suitable donor models every part is scratch built.

Start point was the cab sides, and then the grille. Luckily there is a blueprint for the T series cab available online which makes life easier.

Its then a case of adding various bits that look right as the 3D shape is built up.

Any material that could be made to suit was used from Mountboard for the main body to plasticard for the rear pressed pannel to heavy weight paper for the roof detailing

A few stages of filler and primer and its starting to look like a cab
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Britians TS135A fitted with a new front axle, valtra t rims and tires all round, front linkage, detailed cab interior, brass grab rails, mirrors and beacons 
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Commissioned build of a Super Hydrocut Mk4 hedge cutter mounted to a Universal Hobbies MF 575. Hydrocut Mk4s were not particularly made to fit these tractors so the hydraulic oil tank was mounted sideways to clear the front wheels. I was also able to mount the frame around the rear end and still allow the linkage to work.
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beechford farms
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thought i would start a new topic after going through my unboxed stuff the other day,does anyone know of any other versions of the following? be intrested to see what else is out there i am missing


first up the britains muck spreader

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Moira farm & construction show
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Based on a Universal Hobbies Ford 5000, front axle and drive train added, rear wheel weights and decals. The 5000 arrived with most of it's small parts broken off and lost, had to replace the air filter mushroom with a Britains one, re-attach the exhaust, and remake both tail lights.



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Fully brass made, ready for paint now! 
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Next project, will be slow time!

Schuco Deere 3130 converted into an opu cabbed version. 

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I first did a 8360R back in 2013 but decided to do another having bought the Siku model and also a Britains 9530 for another project which didn't happen.  So I thought I would use the smart metal wheels off the 9530 and fit them to the 8360R............and that led me to do the whole model.

The cab interior has been painted  for detail,  the cab gets two new wipers, new door handle, new beacon, new indicators,  Reg plate,  door rail and driver.  

The wheels all got resprayed, a front weight and holder came from a JD 3640 and a JD 8430T respectively.

This model will go on my layout of JD classics.

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I thought I'd start a new topic for the M series Deere that I've gone back to working on. This started out as a Britains 6150R. I removed the cab and adapted one off a Siku 6920 to fit the frame. To this I added the lights from the R's cab as these are the same as the M's. I also added scratch-built mirrors and grab handles and a larger exhaust to match the real one. At the rear I removed the Britains hitch as I feel these let the model down and scratch built a new moveable linkage. Inside the cab I altered the right hand console and dash to match the Ms interior and today I have added the gear stick, hand throttle, spool and pick-up hitch levers etc. The front wheels are from a 6920, the rears the original with the tyre valves added. There is still quite a bit of work left before it gets some paint, mainly to the hitch with assistor rams, pick-up hitch and so-on, and I'm still undecided whether or not to add a loader to it but here's a few pictures of my progress so far
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I've decided to have a go at County's heavy-weight, the 1884. It will be converted from a Britains TW30 as I would prefer the slightly wider tyre that Britains provides with this model. Firstly, some brutal chopping and grinding to get basic dimensions!
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I'm building two of our home-built silage trailers for my father's birthday. Both trailers have been with us since the early 1970s and are in bad shape today with the usual rust and rot, so I decided to resurrect them in 1/32 scale   The trailers were built using sturdy truck axles with dual wheels and were used for silage, grain, bringing in hay bales and general haulage with the added advantage of being able to change the sides and tailgates. One trailer was finished in red and the other in Ford blue and grey.
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1/32 Case VAI tractor built by MFM
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Massey ferguson 2005 serie with PAVT
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I ve been meaning to follow up my previous 4755 convo with a John Deere 4955 for a while now, and seeing as I'm going to do a revamped layout with my favourite classic tractors on it, I thought I better get a 4955 made up in time for autumn too pull the plough with.

First job was too strip it all apart and improve the wheels.  I wanted to go a bit wider than its existing tyres but not too much as this machine would be ploughing in the furrow.   So I selected a nice set of boots off a UH Valtra T  with the size and Trelleborg logo on them  650/ 65 R42s.  And then extended the rims out by 3mm on the inside using cut down old wheel sets.   Once these were glued on and painted yellow I had to remove the front fenders and then raise them a few MMs so they sit right with the bigger tyres.   See relevant pics below.

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As you may have seen in Alex's Oakley Farms topic he has recently purchased 3 DAF CF's with matching Bulker trailers. This is the build diary for the trucks.

There is very little available in 1/32 regarding DAF's other than the NEWRAY XF which is possibly the worst model they make. There is however an R/C Euro 6 shape DAF XF , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq7BBtFt2JA and we disscussed using this as a base for making a CF but it proved impossible to find for sale and would require as much work as scratch building to make into a CF. Therefore it was decided they would be scratch built.

Daf's website is superb with blueprints of most of there cab variations available


These proved essential in making the cab and allowed me to make neater more accurate cuts by hand, as I no longer have access to a laser cutter which would have been the ideal tool for this build.

Work started with the sides and front of the cab

A little primer highlights the details, and where a bit more filler and sanding is required!

Parts starting to come together into what resembles a cab.



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Just finished this for a customer

Tipping trailer with working 5 stage ram, opening tail gate, functioning grain chute, operational trailer legs and working roll over cover.

Currently planning a batch of these so get in touch if you're interested

Thanks for looking 

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I did a lot of paper engineering/card modelling years ago as a hobby. This all began when I got a monthly publication from the news agents called Quest. Quest was a science magazine which could be collected in a ring binder to make up an encyclopedia and often came with an experiment sheet and a card model to cut out and build. The models were great, often with moving parts and shortly after I started drawing up my own with a pencil, ruler and compass. My first creation was a JCB 3C loader made from card from a cornflake box, and coloured with felt tip pen. About 15 years later in 2005 I got heavily back into the hobby, now you could download models off the internet and after learning to use a CAD drawing program, I was able to make more accurate models and print off the parts sheets. The sky is the limit, almost anything can be made from paper or card, it is a very cheap hobby, and if you mess up, just print off more parts. I eventually tackled a County 7600-four and began working my way through various County models.
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latest minor modification, taking the ertl 4440 (us spec) and turning into uk spec 4040S  

First question why the hell did ertl develop a new cab when they'd already made one for the 3050 range!!! Britains and ertl are still under the same banner aren't they??

Anyway wheels painted, front axle added, air intake removed, correct weights added along with lights, footsteps and better cab detail 

will do mirrors and get some decals sorted. 



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