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Massey ferguson 2005 serie with PAVT
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I ve been meaning to follow up my previous 4755 convo with a John Deere 4955 for a while now, and seeing as I'm going to do a revamped layout with my favourite classic tractors on it, I thought I better get a 4955 made up in time for autumn too pull the plough with.

First job was too strip it all apart and improve the wheels.  I wanted to go a bit wider than its existing tyres but not too much as this machine would be ploughing in the furrow.   So I selected a nice set of boots off a UH Valtra T  with the size and Trelleborg logo on them  650/ 65 R42s.  And then extended the rims out by 3mm on the inside using cut down old wheel sets.   Once these were glued on and painted yellow I had to remove the front fenders and then raise them a few MMs so they sit right with the bigger tyres.   See relevant pics below.

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As you may have seen in Alex's Oakley Farms topic he has recently purchased 3 DAF CF's with matching Bulker trailers. This is the build diary for the trucks.

There is very little available in 1/32 regarding DAF's other than the NEWRAY XF which is possibly the worst model they make. There is however an R/C Euro 6 shape DAF XF , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq7BBtFt2JA and we disscussed using this as a base for making a CF but it proved impossible to find for sale and would require as much work as scratch building to make into a CF. Therefore it was decided they would be scratch built.

Daf's website is superb with blueprints of most of there cab variations available


These proved essential in making the cab and allowed me to make neater more accurate cuts by hand, as I no longer have access to a laser cutter which would have been the ideal tool for this build.

Work started with the sides and front of the cab

A little primer highlights the details, and where a bit more filler and sanding is required!

Parts starting to come together into what resembles a cab.



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Just finished this for a customer

Tipping trailer with working 5 stage ram, opening tail gate, functioning grain chute, operational trailer legs and working roll over cover.

Currently planning a batch of these so get in touch if you're interested

Thanks for looking 

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I did a lot of paper engineering/card modelling years ago as a hobby. This all began when I got a monthly publication from the news agents called Quest. Quest was a science magazine which could be collected in a ring binder to make up an encyclopedia and often came with an experiment sheet and a card model to cut out and build. The models were great, often with moving parts and shortly after I started drawing up my own with a pencil, ruler and compass. My first creation was a JCB 3C loader made from card from a cornflake box, and coloured with felt tip pen. About 15 years later in 2005 I got heavily back into the hobby, now you could download models off the internet and after learning to use a CAD drawing program, I was able to make more accurate models and print off the parts sheets. The sky is the limit, almost anything can be made from paper or card, it is a very cheap hobby, and if you mess up, just print off more parts. I eventually tackled a County 7600-four and began working my way through various County models.
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latest minor modification, taking the ertl 4440 (us spec) and turning into uk spec 4040S  

First question why the hell did ertl develop a new cab when they'd already made one for the 3050 range!!! Britains and ertl are still under the same banner aren't they??

Anyway wheels painted, front axle added, air intake removed, correct weights added along with lights, footsteps and better cab detail 

will do mirrors and get some decals sorted. 



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Thought I would have a go at building a Richard western chaser bin but would like to see what people think of it before I paint it so I can improve it before it gets a coat of paint there are still things to go on after painting but this is what I have done so far
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Progress so far,all brass with scratch built parts 
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Just finished this 1/16th Northrop 5004 for an old mate of mine! 
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I just need to add decals and a few finishing touches to get them both finished

1. Kveneland 7 furrow reversible plough.
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Ros fendt 718 tractor + challenger rogator 344 trailed sprayer 

good points:

tractor: excellent detail, tractor is all in proportion, realistic linkages 

sprayer : again excellent detail and good functionality of boom steering etc 

bad points: 

tractor: wheel treads, mirrors little flimsy (one was bent due to the elastic band holding it) no uk style trailer hitch, no computer screen in cab 

sprayer : had to fix the steering pivot as it was all lose, one of the transport locks for the booms is broken off so needs gluing (once again due to a elastic band) very fragile 

packaging: i like the packaging as it allows the model to be removed easily from the box, but on other hand restricts the view in the box of the model, 

hows the fendt compare to the universal version: both have Good and bad points, but think the uh one has the lead due to being more robust model and just seems that bit better 

price: I got it for less then £100 through my dealer, if I had to pay £150 I would be a bid cheesed off considering the broken parts 

Overall it is a good model so I give it 8.5/10,

let's hope they do the sprayer in fendt colours soon? 

Here are some pictures 
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This is one that I built over Christmas. Uses the new Welly Scania, Resin Bonnet and scratchbuilt side skirts. Built up in a way that it could be assembled as a kit and sold ready tothen paint. Will get one for my own fleet built when I find the time. Build photos first
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Hi there

im looking to create one of these mf / weeks 6 tonne trailers, I'm not sure what number designation they were given, just wondered does anyone have a brochure they could upload, I'm after the dimensions.......
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All my Weise -Toys in one thread
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Ive been working on this 6130R model for a few hours now and its coming along nicely.   Main changes from its original 6125R standard format will be the new style exhaust pipe, closed centre rear wheel rims as per most real 6R tractors and a front weight instead of the folding front links which I switched onto my 6195R sprayer tractor.   Heres a few pics which show some detailing.

I always paint the cab hinges on these 6Rs which makes a good improvement, although its best to prime them first to get the coverage.


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Here is my scratch build pottinger, just a few hours to put it together :/ ha ha! hope you like, lot of work went into it as seen by pictures.
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Hello guys!

I´ll show you my new conversion. A John Deere 6930 standar, based on the wiking 6930, who has changed the bonnet from a siku 6920.

I´ll hope that it like you.

Best regards from Spain.
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Ballycregagh Farm Contracts run a silage and slurry contracting business alongside their potato growing and contracting operations. 
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This is a commissioned model of an actual tractor and hedgecutter. The real TW30 lost it's transfer case and driveshaft as a result of free-wheeling down a road, and was converted to 2wd but still retained the 4wd front axle. This was an opportunity to fit a Hydrocut Giraffe hedgecutter since the transfer case no longer fouled the fitting beneath the tractor. The outfit was used for heavy hedge work despite not being fully completed, so this model will be finished as the real outfit was intended to be. Starting out with a Britains TW30, I binned the front axle in favour of a scratch built replacement. Driveshaft removed and weights chopped from skid unit. Front wheel centres scratch built with appropriate hubs and ten stud dish.
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Commissioned Roadless 98 with Duncan cab, this will be converted from a Britains 7600 (pre Q cab) model.
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Commissioned for a friend's upcoming 40th birthday, a model of his 1970 Hymac 270 digger. Based on a Britains Ford 5000 skid unit and rear wheels, front wheels salvaged from a Britains JCB Loadall. Everything else will be scratch built, work in progress!
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Having recently made my second 6480 tier 3  I just wasn't happy with how it looked,  I hadn't realized that the large frame MF64/7400s had a different rear fender design from the smaller 64/7400s........... That's because the larger tractors need to be able to fit R42 radius wheel rims, whereas the smaller tractors max out with R38 rims........... And because I had used a donor cab and fenders from a 7499 on my 6480 it just looked odd at the back end...........So I have gone back to the drawing board with even more expense!!   

Looking at my old 5480 model its clear that the rear fenders are the donor ones I should have used,  but that was a black chassis version with the lighter shade of red paint.   Luckily I managed to source a grey chassis brighter red 5480 which matches the 6480 model.

And having half finished it, its obviously the right donor for the 6480 project...................Ive put my recent 6480 back to back with its replacement for comparison and the difference is obvious I think
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Oakley Estate Farms is a 5500 acre arable farm based in Somerset. Cropping consists of 300 acres of potatoes - 250 acres maincrop and 50 acres salads, oil seed rape, winter wheat, and Spring Beans, 400 acres of woodland, lakes and parkland. The farm rent 50 acres in nearby Hinton Park (about 5 miles away) for growing salad potatoes and also rents 400 acres called Bondip at Ilchester (18 miles away) for growing rape and wheat. Approx 3500 acres is owned by the home farm and the other 1600 acres is tied up in contract farming agreements with local farmers. Aswell as its own farm the estate also owns 3 other farms, 500 acre arable farm, and 400 acre dairy milking 300 cows, and a 120 acre dairy milking 180 cows, all of which are tennanted out. The farm employs a farm manager and 5 full time workers, Joe (under manager) Steve (head tractor driver) Mark, Maurice and Tim, and harvest students and casual labour in the summer for grain hauling and potato grading. Rotation on the home farm consists of Rape, spuds, wheat, rape, spring beans, wheat then returns to the start of the cycle allowing spuds in the same fields every 1 in 6 years, on rented land it mainly consists of wheat and rape. Oakley Farms is a complete agri business on the Oakley Estate based upon light silty loam soil. The manager is passionate about all things arable, attention to detail, 21st century farming, soil compaction, GPS RTK auto steering systems, a clean and tidy company image that spreads across the whole farm from buildings to machinery, increasing efficiency and profitability. Investing in the best kit on the market and keeping it regularly maintained and replaced combined with taking on some of the best employees in the industry delivers the best results. Oakley hall sits in the middle of the estate with ancient parkland surrounding it, this is the land owners residence, two business parks are also situated in the estate called Eaglewood and Ashwell along with Putcombe Sawmills conserving the estates woodlands and supping timber, fencing stakes etc and Christmas trees to the local churches, schools and villages.
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Filling gaps in collections with my latest model release at the ACA show in Chartres France is the 1/32 scale Allis Chalmers 7080 MK 2 with 210 horse power under the bonnet from AC own 7 litre 6 cylinder engine made from 1975 -1981 model is made from resin and white metal with diecast bonnet. 
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Thought I'd share my collection so far!

- UH - Valtra Valmet Mezzo Hi-Tech 6850 (Just arrived yesterday)
- Schuco - Deutz Fahr DX 8.30 with a Britains vicon acrobat rake attached
- Wiking - Claas Axion 950
- Weise - Deutz Fahr D 130 06
- Replicagri - Renault 1181-4S
- Replicagri - New Holland 110-90 with bucket
- Weise - Landini 10000s mkII with Replicagri bucket attached
- Replicagri - Fiat 1180DT
- UH - Massey Ferguson 1080 
- ROS - Agrifull 160 Turbo
- UH - Volvo BM Valmet 705 with UH Amazone fertilizer spreader attached
- UH - Ford 6810 gen III
- Schuco - IHC 1455 Comfort Cab 2000
- UH - Massey Ferguson TE-A
- UH - Kirovets K3180 ATM
- UH - Joskin Trans EX 5T tipping trailer with homemade haybale (First item I tried to make)
- Marge - Ford 7610 2WD gen I with UH Taarup DM 1350
- Britains trailer and SIKU manure spreader
- Britains Smallford potato harvester and planter
- Various Britains and one SIKU model
- Various Britains attachments
- Some of my old models/toys that I had when I was a child.

I also have a few others (SIKU and ERTL), but I ended up donating them to my son. Even though he's only a year old at the moment, the interest is catching on and he's treating them nicely  The plan is to give him the rest of these models when he grows older, with the exception of some of the vintage Britains equipment. I'm really more interested in the "high end" stuff anyways now. 

Have a look and tell me what you think  
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